«Ampertex» business plan: the first factory appeared on the world map

  1. The Kaliningrad region has become a starting point for the development of the unique AMPERTEX technology around the world.


On the day of the official opening of the Ampertex plant on the territory of the «Khrabrovo» industrial park in Kaliningrad region, the company’s general director Pavel Pogrebniakov and the deputy chairman of the Kaliningrad regional government Dmitry Kuskov marked the appearance of the new enterprise on the world map. The branded sticker was placed on the wall of the factory building in the Zelenograd district. «This is our business plan»,- emphasized Pavel Pogrebnyakov. – Usually it is in a book, but with us it is in a picture. It consists of small squares, which we will fill in as our technology appears around the world. If our logo is missing somewhere else, it means we have something to strive for and work on.

Отвечая на вопрос корреспондентов федеральных и региональных СМИ, Павел Погребняков отметил, что начальной точкой для распространения уникальной технологии АМПЕРТЕКС Калининградская область была выбрана неслучайно. «Это лучшее место в стране, если говорить эмоционально. А если детально, то мы проанализировали множество европейских и российских площадок, проехали от Якутии до Ленинградской области, посмотрели парки, стоимости вхождения, оценили скорость внедрения. Здесь, в индустриальном парке «Храброво» были созданы все условия: коммуникации, все подключения», — говорит генеральный директор ООО «Ампертекс». Павел Погребняков также отметил, что он сам калининградец, отлично знает регион, и лично для него это лучшее место для жизни, так как он работал в разных регионах страны и мира.

Answering the question of federal and regional mass media correspondents, Pavel Pogrebnyakov noted that the Kaliningrad Oblast was not accidentally chosen as the starting point for distribution of unique AMPERTEX technology. «This is the best place in the country, emotionally speaking. But if in detail, we have analyzed many European and Russian sites, traveled from Yakutia to the Leningrad region, looked at the parks, the cost of entry, assessed the speed of implementation. Here, in the Khrabrovo Industrial Park, all conditions were created: communications, all connections», — says the general director of «Amperetex». Pavel Pogrebnyakov also noted that he himself is a Kaliningrad resident, knows the region well, and personally for him it is the best place to live, as he has worked in different regions of the country and the world.


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