LLC «Amperetex» has received permission to put the production into operation


The investment project is implemented on the territory of the industrial park «Hrabrovo».


The «Amperetex» company, registered as a resident of the Khrabrovo Industrial Park, has received permission to put into operation a plant for the production of a unique heating electrically conductive filament based on polymers and nano-additives. The document confirms the completion of construction and execution of works in accordance with all norms and requirements. The construction was carried out according to the planned schedule.


It should be noted that the plant will produce the finest technical fabrics and nets that can be used in a variety of fields: medicine, agriculture, construction, clothing and textiles, automotive, aerospace. AMPERETEX technology allows you to create fabrics that can be heated to 80 °C, and materials with a heating temperature of up to 40 ° C. The peculiarity of the AMPERETEX technology is its energy efficiency, since the heating elements will be located as close as possible to the heat consumer. In the Kaliningrad Region, technologies have already been applied in a public transport stop in Zelenogradsk and a digital inclusive greenhouse in the “School of the Future” (Bolshoe Isakovo, Guryev City District).


In the near future, videos about the entire history of the construction of the «Amperetex» enterprise and a series of lectures on how to build a plant in the Kaliningrad region will be published on social networks and on our website. Stay tuned!