Unique equipment for AMPERETEX


Last week in the production hall of AMPERETEX finished assembly of the laminating line “KFK-XL 1900” of “Maschinenfabrik Herbert Meyer GmbH” – a kind of continuous press production line, which allows to bind various materials both of sheet and roll type under temperature (up to 240 degrees) and pressure. The machine has a working width of 1800 mm and a maximum laminating speed up to 20 m/min. Up to 4 layers of roll material and one layer of sheet material can be bound at the same time.

This equipment is one of the mainstays of AMPERETEX production.

FOR REFERENCE: The products made by the “Maschinenfabrik Herbert Meyer GmbH” are in demand in a wide range of applications, from printing and advertising to furniture and clothing production. This machine is characterized by very precise adjustments – for example, the gap between the compression rollers can be set in 0.1 mm increments, the temperature can be adjusted up to 12 heating zones to an accuracy of 1 degree, and the compression pressure can be set in 0.1 Newton/cm2 increments.

As a reminder, OOO “Amperetex” manufactures synthetic heating conductive filaments and mesh.