“Amperetex” received the status of a resident of the SEZ (Special Economic Zone)


For LLC “Amperetex” a great step towards the project implementation was to obtain the status of a resident in the Special Economic Zone of the Kaliningrad Region.

SEZ allows to operate in a special tax regime: the profits tax is set at 0%; the corporate property tax is fixed on 0%; the contribution rate is set at 7,6% instead of 30%; residents of the SEZ in the Kaliningrad Region are exempt from taxation in relation to land plots located on the territory of the SEZ.

Government support is very important for the enterprises planning the construction of a plant and enter the Russian and international markets, as the companies bear only costs before starting the selling of products. That is the reason why We have chosen the Kaliningrad Region: it gives unique opportunities, due to its geographical location and thereby attracts big business to carry out its activities.

More detailed information about support and terms of entering in the SEZ of the Kaliningrad Region are located on the following site: https://oez.gov39.ru/

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