“Amperetex in Kaliningrad”


The AMPERETEX company actively introduces its engineering and technologies to public authorities and business interests. On the 13th of February the executive director of the LLC “Amperetex” Pavel Pogrebniakov attended the technical committee meeting of the urban district Administration “Gorod Kaliningrad”, chaired by the committee chairman for special development and construction Artur Krupin. Pavel Pogrebniakov told the participants ofthe meeting about the usage of “AMPERETEX” technology and presented the product samples. The members of the technical committee, the head directors of public industries and arrondissements actively took part in the discussion of AMPERETEX technology and its common usage. The students of construction faculty of the Kaliningrad State Technical University and their dean Vareliy Pimenov were also involved in the work of the committee. During the post-activity discussions Artur Krupin noticed that new technologies would become useful for the urban development and didn’t exclude the potential for their use in future.