«IPQuorum 2019»

The AMPERETEX company took part in the second International strategic forum for intellectual property «IPQuorum 2019», which was held in April in the town of Svetlogorsk.


«IPQuorum 2019» is the biggest international space for expert assessments and realization of the world’s best practice to manage intellectual property in the context of transition to digital economy. Anton Alikhanov, the Governor of the Kaliningrad region, got involved with the forum too, who noticed that «considering the specificities in the region, the development of intellectual potential here is the key and one of the essential drivers of sustainable economic land development and improvement in standards of living”.


The General Director of the LLC «Amperetex» Pavel Pogrebniakov presented the “AMPERETEX” technologies in the Forum and informed the participants about the unique composite material that had surpassed the existing technology not only in energy efficiency and use conditions, but most importantly in environmental friendliness.


We thank the organizers of the Forum – the IPChain Association and the Confederation of rightsholder’s’ societies of Europe and Asia for the opportunity to present our product to a great number of experts.

“A clever bus stop”

The AMPERETEX company is actively taking part in new projects connected with the improvements of the urban environment conditions for citizens of the region . We have taken part in developing of the heating seats and floor for the first „clever” bus stop in Kaliningrad Oblast. Its grand opening took place on April 12th, within the territory of Kaliningrad’s bus depot. „The clever bus stop“ had been designed by a young engineer – Alen Atreem from India. At first the project idea was to build a bus stop that would only function as an air purifier. As a result of Alen’s collaboration with the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in the Hi-Tech park “Fabrica”, the project assumed a more broad-scale character. The air purification inside and the pollution monitoring outside the bus stop were provided with the equipment of the TION company, the PGM “Gorodskoye Prostranstvo” constructed it using a composite material. But the main role here played the AMPERETEX company which had provided the bus stop with seats and floor made of innovative materials with a built-in heater that omits the icing of the floor surface and contributes to comfortable sojourning of the passengers at the bus stop. Also note that the bus stop is provided with the latest innovative equipment, video observation system and free Wi-Fi. The citizens are already requesting to build more bus stops of this kind in other areas of Kaliningrad.

“Amperetex in Kaliningrad”

The AMPERETEX company actively introduces its engineering and technologies to public authorities and business interests. On the 13th of February the executive director of the LLC “Amperetex” Pavel Pogrebniakov attended the technical committee meeting of the urban district Administration “Gorod Kaliningrad”, chaired by the committee chairman for special development and construction Artur Krupin. Pavel Pogrebniakov told the participants ofthe meeting about the usage of “AMPERETEX” technology and presented the product samples. The members of the technical committee, the head directors of public industries and arrondissements actively took part in the discussion of AMPERETEX technology and its common usage. The students of construction faculty of the Kaliningrad State Technical University and their dean Vareliy Pimenov were also involved in the work of the committee. During the post-activity discussions Artur Krupin noticed that new technologies would become useful for the urban development and didn’t exclude the potential for their use in future.