AMPERETEX and North-West Nanocentre have signed a partnership agreement


General Director of OOO “Amperetex” Pavel Pogrebniakov and Dmitri Alexeev, Director of the North-West Nanocentre (NWTTC), have signed a partnership agreement in order to establish technological cooperation in the heating equipment market.

The agreement provides joint verification of market hypotheses in the application of conductive yarns and mesh fabrics based on polymer composites, selection of optimal production technologies and bringing finished products to market. NWTTC technology start-ups with relevant competencies will be involved in this work. The “Amperetex” site will launch a full cycle production of innovative textiles this year, from the creating yarns up to the production of finished, surface-applicable heating composite fabrics.

The partnership between the North-West Nanocentre and the manufacturer of heating polymer products opens up additional opportunities to launch new businesses to create innovative products based on Amperetex products – mesh and fabrics. The most successful projects can become a part of the NWTTS’s investment portfolio.

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The North-West Nanocentre is a part of the investment network of RUSNANO Group’s Infrastructure and Educational Programmes Fund, which aims to commercialize technology in the nanoindustry. NWTTC has a portfolio of more than 50 technology start-ups, including 3 working in the field of innovative textile materials: “ArktikTex”, “TechEkra” and “Textil & Technika”.

OOO “Amperetex” is a manufacturer of electrically conductive heating yarns using nano-additives and fabrics based on polymer composites. The first full-cycle production plant based on AMPERETEX technology is scheduled to open in Kaliningrad in 2021.