A big step towards the new AMPERETEX plant


‘Amperetex’ has secured permission to build the project construction in the industrial park “Chrabrowo”!

It’s a new phase in the development of the company and a big step towards the implementation of the project!

It should be reminded that OOO “Amperetex” is a company producing unique heating electrically conductive filaments based on polymers and nanoadditives. By making a composite filament at the molecular level, we use it for creating the finest industrial fabrics and grids which can be applied in the most diverse spheres. The AMPERETEX technology allows to create fabrics, which can be heated up to 300-350°C, but under normal circumstances we make fabrics which are heated up to 40°C.

The launch of production is scheduled for 2021.

To this date we make experimental samples in the European Union. Based on the AMPERETEX technology, with this fabric we can create a composite with any material for furniture coverings, helipads, exits and entrances of multi-level parking spaces, public transportation, where ice build ups don’t occur. At the end of this year, we are planning to set up a pilot system that should prevent the formation of icicles on one of the houses in Saint-Petersburg.

For further details on our technology and its usage please visit our Website: http://www.amperetex.ru

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