The AMPERETEX company in technology park “Quantorium”


The general director of „AMPERETEX” Pavel Pogrebniakov and operational director Aleksey Goldaev have hold a meeting with the pupils of Technology Park for children.

The “Quantorium” Technopark is a unique environment for accelerated development of a child in the areas of scientific research and engineering, which is equipped with high-technology equipment. Engineering education is not the only distinctive feature of the park, but also project activities, TIPS (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), 4c-competencies (communication, creativity, command decision of project challenges, critical thinking) and solving real production problems with guiding of experienced mentors, including representatives of scientific schools, industry and business.

The representatives of AMPERETEX explained the children of “Energyquantum” and “Roboquantum” groups the unique technology, which the company is going to produce already in the second half of 2021.

Pavel Pogrebniakov provided examples of how to use the energy efficient technology in transport, building, at home and welcomed children’s new ideas. Aleksey Goldaev told the audience about technical features of AMPERETEX-threads and fabrics for more effective new forms of its usage.

The pupils shared their thoughts with the company’s representatives on the use of the unique technology at home and invited the AMPERETEX-representatives to their graduation works, scheduled to take place in late November.