The “AMPERETEX” trademark was officially registered


The certificate of trademark registration was received at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

The “AMPERETEX” company attends to the standardization procedure of product quality. An important stage in the development was the obtaining of the trademark certificate (quality mark) at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

It is commonly believed that a trade-mark registration is essential for companies in order to protect their brand from counterfeiting. In fact, it is important for buyers and clients, as the registered trademark enables to discern a high-quality product among a vast range of wares. Knowing about the risks-diversity, that a buyer can bear when purchasing an unknown brand, we protect our brand to the max and try to make it recognizable for our clients.

You can learn more about the characteristics and technical specifications of the unique composite material (which has surpassed existing heating technologies not only in energy efficiency and conditions of use, but also in environmental friendliness) on our official web page

It will be recalled that the production of materials is expected in the second half of the year 2021.