Business vs. coronavirus: how companies adapt to a new reality


Pavel Pogrebniakov, the CEO of “Amperetex”:

The more crises occur, the stronger we are hardened. In the current situation it is more critical than ever to keep a clear head. The important thing now is to stop being afraid and find ways to develop. Many people are affected by this crisis and entrepreneurs are facing similar problems: no proceeds, but one needs to pay wages, taxes and rent. After having overcome more than one crisis we’re building a company which will be able to go through such challenges at the lowest cost. Initially every staff member of the “Amperetex” was provided with a laptop instead of a PC. My vision was, that the co-workers would work in parks, on the beach and at the dacha, today everyone is efficiently working from home, using cloud computing. We don’t have full-time lawyers or accountants – they provide outsourcing services. Such a scheme reduces the risks related to possible wage fund optimization.

In our plant being under construction, all the processes are maximally automatized, which would allow us to keep working from smaller office space and strengthen stability of technological process to potential activity limitations like nowadays in the future. Plus, we have also substantially revised our expenses. The world is at the dawn of a new era and overcoming the crisis in the medium term will surely pull the economy forward, but now we’re going to have a hard time and this way forward may be very costly. Everyone should revise his or her expenses. Conscious consumption should be placed at the core. It’s not just about changes in the economy, household and business, but also transformation in consciousness of each of us. Now technologies that provide for utmost comfort and at the same time consume the least amount of power will be in demand as never before. A few years ago everyone faced the energy-efficient “LED-Revolution” and though LEDs initially used to be expensive and not always efficient, now one cannot imagine even economy without them. Technologies of “Amperetex” will also allow to save electricity costs up to 60% and enter the spheres where there was no possibility of heating. The crisis today closes the door behind one, but opens a “window of opportunity” for the others. However, entrepreneurs who think straight and are not afraid to act could reduce the risks and use the situation for good, looking at their business from the outside and stop carrying that selfsame “white elephant” around.

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