The AMPERETEX Company at the international exhibition “Techtextil”


The major datum point of all experts in the realm of technical textile is the international exhibition “Techtextil” in Frankfurt. Alongside the Texprocess 2021, it embraces the whole manufacturing lead time of textile and non-woven running that allows the visitors to save a little time and get familiar with the latest technological innovations at one location. For the first time the Techtextil exhibition took place in 1986 and starting from 1987 it has already been held not annually, but twice a year. In 2019 the AMPERETEX company took part at the event. The business department, having worked with the exhibition programme, allowed us to enlarge our communications routs with international experts and get answers to the most relevant industry issues. Note that the policy of AMPERETEX company includes obliging development and education. We try to get the maximum of information about innovation technologies and processing on the sphere of technical textile and non-woven, and the use of the latest cutting-edge developments will enable us to get the production of higher quality. We are sure that the acquired bundle of knowledge and experience background of the exhibition shall be applied in proceedings and will give us the opportunity to uplevel the quality of our products. We thank all the exhibition contractors.